Multiclima SRL - Production of metal flue systems

Produzione di canne fumarie ed accessori per fumisteria, lavorazioni speciali, sistema certificato ISO 9001 CSQ Istituto Giordano

Astergen Multiclima
software to calculate, draw and estimate chimney flues (single or linked to different appliances)
Aster Gen Multiclima is a software that, thanks to its explicative graphic window containing the main steps of the project, allows even an unskilled user to easily calculate, draw and estimate chimney flues, single flues or linked to different appliances according to the current rules.

For calculation, the software refers to the following rules:
- European rule UNI EN 13384-1 for the calculation of chimneys used as unique appliance.
- Italian rule UNI EN 10640 for the calculation of pronged collective chimney flues for type B appliances with natural draught.
- Italian rule UNI 10641 for the calculation of collective chimney flues for type C appliances with fan into the combustion circuit.
- European rule UNI EN 13384-2 for the calculation of chimneys and chimney flues used for more heating appliances.

In the program there are data referring to the whole smokes evacuation system such as internal and esternal diameters, thermal resistance and so on. The calculation is available for every diameter so that the user can have a final statement with the outcomes of the calculation.
Moreover it is possible to convert the drawing into dxf file so that it can be used with programs such as CAD and it can be modified with the insertion of new data in order to create customized quotations.


32 bit processor (x86) or 64 bit (x64) 1GHz or faster
1 GB RAM (32 bit) or 2 GB RAM (64 bit)
350MB of free space on the hard disk
1024x768 screen resolution or bigger resolution
3D video card with at least 256MB memory. Please ensure that the driver of the video card is compatible with OpenGL 1.05 version or next version and make sure that it is updated.
A PS/2 keyboard and mouse or USB or another compatible input device; a three-button mouse or one with a scroll wheel (recommended)
A compatible optical data acquisition unit is required to install it from a cd or dvd
With Microsoft Windows© Xp sp3/ Vista/7, administrator privileges are required for the installation
Rtf viewer, compatible with Microsoft Word 2003 or next version
We recommend the use of this software to technical personnel informed on the matter. We mainly refer to related rules and projects and specific technical-scientific principles.
Are you already our client? Download the software
After the download please launch the program installation on your pc.
In the first launch you will get a code. Please copy this code with the requested data into the following spaces.

You will get the code the soonest as possible in order to use the software.